Ile Saint-Louis, Paris

Paris, Île-de-France FR

    Ile Saint-Louis, Paris

    Ile Saint Louis in France is one of the natural islands found on River Seine. The other natural island that is also a tourist attraction site is Ile de la Cite. There is an artificial island in this river Seine called Ile aux Cygnes. The islands bear part of France’s history, which makes them all famous.

    The Ile Saint Louis Island gets its name from the famous King Louis IX of France. Prior to getting the name from King Louis IX, the Island was named Ile Notre Dame by the canons of Notre Dame. The island manages to draw many tourists out to explore due to unusually good nature and peculiar atmosphere. It also carries the rich architecture of famous architects such as Louis Le Vau.

    The island has a one way street and two bus stations. Unfortunately the island lacks a metro station. Access to the island is possible on foot, via bus or personal vehicles, whichever one finds suitable for them. Quite noticeable is the fact that most of the houses present are residential houses most of which exhibit class and quality living. Most visitors to the island find their way to the island to be away from the din and bustle in the city, Paris.

    On a usual day, it’s quite expected to find the little island crowded with tourists on the busy streets where markets, fromageries, bakeries and cafes are adequately distributed for the visitors who love shopping. Any time is definitely a visit time to the island though it would be wise to avoid it during vacation times or holidays, in the case that abhors the crowding. There’s no entrance fees to the island the only money that visitors have to part with is shopping money and money on other luxuries in the island. Life is quite expensive in Paris and so is it in Ile Saint Louis.

    There are several attractions to the little island which visitors anticipate to view. Starting from the four bridges that connect the island to Paris, many people find it quite fantastic to spend time on the bridges watching the water flow in the River Seine. Access from Ile de la Cite is made possible through the Pont Saint-Louis Bridge. The Pont Saint Louis Bridge provides an avenue for jugglers, jazz bands and mimes to showcase their artistic skills and entertain to the tourists to the Ile Saint Louis Island. Those visitors making their way to the island from Rive Gauche use the Pont de la Tournelle Bridge. The Pont Louis –Philippe and Ponte Marie bridges are the way in for visitors coming from Rive Droite. 

    Apart from the fact that the little island maintains its 17th century look even after much of Paris has been modernized, the city also bears pride in several tourist attraction factors. The Saint Louise en I’lle church is one such site to bear. The only church in the island was built in 1622 and is richly adorned with decorations of angels on the wooden door entrance matched with exquisite beauty in the interiors. There is also the Franc Pinot cabaret, a watering hole popular to the island’s habitants and visitors since the 17thcentury, which one would consider visiting once in the island. Ile Saint Louis also boasts of its own unique ice cream found at Berthillon Ice Cream. The ice cream here is famous for its colors and fantastic flavors.

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